Personal Coaching for sales

My approach

A lot is asked of you within the Sales department. The pressure is high and the stakes are high. Marketing and selling products and services is the most psychological task within a company. You have to put yourself in the shoes of your customers, but at the same time feel what this does to yourself. The sales conversation is full of emotional dynamics, where you learn something more about yourself after each conversation. Why do I react this way to that person? What does it do to me? What do I feel when that person says that to me? What old fear surfaces in me?


My process

Insight Model which helps you to gain insight into your conscious and unconscious sales behavior, which has a certain effect and produces certain results. What makes you do what you do? What can you do to transform your current behavior into desirable behavior that produces better results? After the interview with me, you will have a clear idea of ​​how you want to present yourself differently in the world that better suits your authentic being.

Motion Model. Insight is wonderful, but movement is better. If the desire to change yourself to your true being is swallowed up by self-rejection or rejection by your environment, your desire dies a silent death. We want to prevent that as much as possible and my Motion Model will help you with that. The Model consists of taking 5 steps: Desire – Goal – Obstacles – Solutions – Action. Under my guidance, I will take these steps with you.

What I can coach you with:

  • Clearly formulate your desire for successful sales behavior
  • Setting your goals to make your desire a reality
  • Provide insight into your obstacles to achieving your goals
  • Find solutions to the obstacles
  • Define actions to achieve your goals
‘We at Hefring Marine first started working with Jeroen during our participation in the PortXL maritime accelerator program in Rotterdam in 2020 where he was involved as a sales coach and mentor for the various startup and scaleup companies taking part. Following our successful completion of the program we continued working with Jeroen who has helped us in building up our B2B sales strategy and plan, and customer engagement model. Working with Jeroen has been both engaging and constructive and it has been very valuable to benefit from his vast experience and insights.”


Karl Birgir Björnsson – CEO & Founder – Hefring ehf – Iceland


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